The Advantages Of Incorporating Your Business

Many individuals will ask attorneys, financial advisors, as well as personal connections the same question, “Should I incorporate?” The truth is, there is no definitive “yes” or “no” answer. It [...]

Joint Tenancy: A Real Estate Planning Tool

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The Importance Of Your Will

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A Permanent Canadian Resident vs. A Canadian Citizen

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What Is Legal Separation?

Separation is not the same as divorce. In British Columbia, separation is not a legal matter. Divorce is a legal process where two partners detach their assets, fiancés, and lives. There are [...]

When Law Enforcement Can Delay Access To Counsel

The right to counsel refers to an accused or a defendant’s right to a selected or government provided lawyer.  This right is often seen as a constituent of the right to a fair trial. Though, law [...]

11 Hurdles A Criminal Record Creates

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Past Marijuana Use And US Entry Bans

If you have ever been convicted of marijuana possession, you may already know that you need a waiver to enter the United States. Possession charges are a criminal offence that have historically [...]