Family Law Division of Property

When dividing property during a divorce, the court will consider a variety of factors to determine what is fair and equitable. These property division factors can include the length of the [...]

Child Custody Law – The Different Types of Child Custody Orders

Under the federal Divorce Act (Canada), a court may award one of three main types of child custody. Legal custody is separate from the issue of legal access – that is, the amount of time that a [...]

Types of Income which can be included for Child Support purposes

Types of Income which can be included for Child Support purposes: Employment income; Employment bonus: bonuses you get every year and the amount is similar or comparable over the years; RRSPs can [...]

Traveling While Divorced

What do you do when you want to travel with your children outside of BC but your spouse does not allow it? You must obtain what is called a Permission to Travel Order from the Courts. Here are [...]

The unmarried (common-law) spouses and the Family Law Act (BC), 2013

With coming into effect on March 18, 2013 of the new Family Law Act (the FLA) replacing the old Family Relations Act (the FRA) the BC’s common law couples are now treated the same as married [...]