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If you need to operate a business legally, you will get a professional business incorporation lawyer. Here at Sidhu Law, we aim to take you through the incorporation process quickly. We have helped local Surrey businesses setup legally in different structures. There are several benefits of using a lawyer to incorporate your business, among them being timely and doing it right the first time. How can our business incorporation lawyer guide you through this process?


Choosing A Business Name

You cannot use a name that is already taken by an existing business. Our lawyers will help you do a name search for a unique name. This does not apply if you are using a numbered company. Ordinary names must show the legal nature of the business. This includes assigning designations such as:

  • Ltd
  • Limited
  • Company
  • Corporation
  • Corp
  • Incorporation
  • Inc.


Legal Structure

The legal structure you choose will determine the level of control you have over a business. A business incorporation lawyer will help you determine the legal structure that works best for you: sole proprietorship, partnership or limited company. Among other things you will be guided on:

  • Directorship of corporations
  • Shareholding, types, and amounts
  • Rules of transferring shares
  • Restrictions on your kind of business


Incorporation Jurisdiction

Usually, you incorporate a business in your main area of business. Our business incorporation lawyer can take you through the merits of incorporating your business either provincially or federally. If you have a local business, you can keep things simple by registering provincially. If you intend to operate in several provinces, it would be better if you incorporated federally.


Professional Businesses

If you are running a professional business, you will need to take special steps to show that you are qualified to provide those kinds of services. These include:

  • Medicine (GP)
  • Optometry
  • Dentistry
  • chiropractic
  • Law
  • Certified accountant
  • Certified general accountant
  • Certified management accountant

Our lawyer will guide you through the requirements for your professional business and ensure that you have filed the necessary papers with the bodies that supervise your area of business.


Why Sidhu Law

We are professional lawyers with experienced lawyers who have been incorporating different types of businesses for a long time. By using our professional services you avoid certain pitfalls that would come from failing to do including:

  • Tax penalties
  • Personal liability for the activities of your business
  • Failure to  access credit markets
  • Expanding capital through shareholding

Using our business incorporation lawyer will give you several advantages in your business operations. You will also get other miscellaneous advice to ensure your business has the competitive edge it requires.

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