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Canadian Immigration Lawyer

The process of finding a Canadian Immigration lawyer should be handled with the seriousness it deserves. Coming to Canada as an immigrant is usually an exciting prospect for most people as Canada is one of the most ideal countries in the world to live and work. Because it is such a popular immigration destination, Canada attracts immigrants from across the globe owing to its high standard of living, quality and accessible healthcare, low crime rates, and more.

Canada sees over 200,000 immigrants cross the border each year and the number is expected to rise in the coming years. Despite a large number of people applying in droves for Canadian citizenship, getting approved for citizenship is not as easy as it sounds or appears. All applicants still have to meet the criteria set by the Government of Canada to gain entry.

There is no rule that explicitly states that you are required to hire a Canadian immigration lawyer because some people, all but a very few, apply and succeed on their own. Having a Canadian Immigration lawyer on your side is instrumental if you want to take the heartache out of the process because it is often characterized by delays and failures. If you are interested in hiring an experienced Canadian Immigration lawyer, here are some answers to common questions you may have about Canadian immigration law:

How can I immigrate to Canada?

The government of Canada will consider your application if you fall in one of the following classes:

  • Skilled worker class
  • Refugees
  • Business class
  • Family class (for individuals who have family in Canada that can sponsor their stay)

What is a Canadian permanent resident?

Permanent Residence (PR) is issued to individuals that want to enter and live in Canada under one of the above classes, but these individuals have to apply for Canadian citizenship if they want to become citizens.

How do I become a Canadian citizen?

The requirements for being a Canadian resident are:

  • Be over 18
  • Attain Permanent Residency
  • Reside in Canada for at least 3 years
  • Speak English or French
  • Educate yourself about Canadian history

What is a skilled worker in Canada?

A skilled worker is anyone that has the skills, work experience, language capacity, education credentials, and any other capability that can make a contribution towards advancing Canada and its peoples. You have to have attained a specified number of points for you to be a successful skilled worker. Successful applicants must have attained a minimum of 67/100 points.

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