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Family issues like child support, spousal support and others in family conflicts are often emotive, stressful and troubling especially for families with children. However, these are issues that must be resolved for the good of both spouses/partners and the children. Here at Sidhu Law, we encourage both parties to try Alternative Dispute Resolution before heading to court. This is a better way to resolve family conflicts faster, more affordable and with cooler tempers.

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Types of Alternative Dispute Resolution

We offer several family law mediations and arbitration services:

  • Assisted negotiation – Both parties negotiate with the help of their lawyers. The lawyers provide the necessary advice, and keep the negotiations on point and focused.
  • Mediation – in this approach, a mediator is invited to the negotiations. The lawyers are also present to give advice. The mediator sets the agenda of the negotiations and oversees the fine-tuning of solutions that both parties agree to.
  • Arbitration – In the case where you and your partner cannot agree but do not want to go court, you can invite an arbitrator. This party acts like a judge but in a less formal manner.
  • Mediator/arbitrator – This is a mix where both parties negotiate and leave unresolved matters to be settled by an arbitrator

Collaborative Family Law

When there are a number of complex issues to be resolved, both parties invite other professionals in addition to the lawyers. These professionals are specialists on child care, finances, taxes, property division, and psychology among others.

This type of process is usually the last step in alternative dispute resolution before heading to court. In the event this process is not successful, both parties agree to head to court with new lawyers.

Before commencing on ADR, it is important that both parties agree on the following:

  • The issues to be resolved
  • The rules to apply during the talks
  • Full financial disclosure
  • Whether there are issues that need a mediator or arbitrator
  • How the mediator/arbitrator and other professionals will be paid


Benefits of Dispute Resolution

There are several advantages of family law mediation and arbitration approaches:

  • Faster – Unlike a court of law that handles other matters, this process is singularly handled
  • Cheaper – There are no court costs, and the shorter duration means lower legal costs
  • Less emotive – Both parties are willing to talk reasonably when they think they are being listened to and their concerns considered.
  • More privacy – There are fewer people involved, and unlike a public court, there is no media focus.

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Sidhu law has experienced family law mediation and arbitration lawyers who will help you get through these difficult processes while defending your best interests.

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