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Are you in need of real estate law services? We can provide a range of real estate law services in Victoria that can help you through a variety of legal situations. Our real estate law services include helping you understand the laws that may impact your real estate transactions, including both buying and selling real estate property. Real estate transactions must follow the law to avoid any possible problems down the line in regards to the legality of the real estate transaction. Our real estate law services in Victoria cover both residential and commercial real estate law issues.

Residential Property Transactions

One of the most common issues that real estate lawyers deal with is residential property transactions, in layman’s terms: buying and selling a residential home. Some of the legal issues that we can help you with include understanding insurance, title encumbrances, mortgages, encroachment as well as zoning. We can also help you understand whether or not you need to pay GST or a property transfer tax, depending on factors that could require you to pay specific fees and taxes for your property. We can also help you if something goes wrong during the residential property transaction since we are equipped to handle a variety of different problems and resolve them to the very best of our ability.

Commercial Property Transactions

Another common issue that real estate lawyers often face is commercial property transactions or buying and selling commercial properties. Commercial property transactions are essential when you are running or are otherwise financially responsible for a business. Commercial property transactions can include simply buying and selling retail space for a business, as well as managing strings of office buildings, hotels, chain restaurants and plenty of other commercial properties. You must seek out real estate legal services in the event of commercial property transactions since even a simple mistake could cost you—and your business—some serious cash.

Should You Hire a Real Estate Lawyer?

You might be wondering to yourself: do I even need to hire a real estate lawyer? The answer to that question is: yes! Real estate law is very complex and making a wrong decision or even an uninformed decision can have serious and costly financial consequences, whether you are looking to buy a brand new home or you are actively managing a string of properties swath your hotel business. The complexity of real estate law means that it’s possible to make a mistake, something you naturally want to avoid for financial reasons.

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Remember, we provide a range of real estate law services that are designed to meet all of your legal real estate legal needs. Our general services include residential and commercial buying and selling, mortgages, refinancing, leases as well as land transfers. If you require any real estate law services in Victoria, don’t hesitate to contact us today with your information and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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