Child Custody Law – What is Child Custody and how is it Determined

If you are going through a divorce, plan to divorce or otherwise need to know more about child custody, then the following guide will help you understand the basics regarding child custody. [...]

Positive Outcomes Of Divorce

Positive Outcomes of Divorce The most common perception of divorce is that it is a negative result—that the ending of a marriage is something to be held in contempt at the very best. Yet divorce [...]

What Happens in a Divorce?

What Happens in a Divorce? If you are going through a divorce or you plan on getting a divorce in the near future, it will help you to understand exactly what happens in a divorce. Being prepared [...]

Traveling While Divorced

The rules are the same for married and common-law couples. As with family debt, the law in BC treats the division of family property the same for married couples as for common-law couples so long [...]

Child Custody Law – The Different Types of Child Custody Orders

Under the federal Divorce Act (Canada), a court may award one of three main types of child custody. Legal custody is separate from the issue of legal access – that is, the amount of time that a [...]

Traveling While Divorced

What do you do when you want to travel with your children outside of BC but your spouse does not allow it? You must obtain what is called a Permission to Travel Order from the Courts. Here are [...]