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A goodwill is key to ensuring that your beneficiaries get as much as possible from your estate while losing little to the tax system. By using our will writing services, you also guarantee that your wealth will remain in the family for successive generations considering life events in your beneficiaries’ lives such as death and divorce. Our will and estate lawyers can assist you with all aspects of estate planning.

Here at Sidhu Law, we have professional will and estate lawyers experienced in will writing services. We have written tens of wills over the years which have protected our clients’ assets and ensured that their descendants and beneficiaries got maximum benefits from their estate. When you deposit your will with us, we closely monitor any changes in laws that might affect your will.


What are the steps involved in our will writing services?

1. Call our law firm for an arrangement on an interview session

2. We will meet at your convenient date. We have an experienced team of will and estate lawyers that will take your questions and concerns. They will explain the different legal terminologies related to will writing in simple language that is understandable. You will also be advised on different options available to you

3. You will be advised on the different implications of the inheritance tax in relation to your estate. Our team will explore the different options available to minimize the taxes liable to your estate. The legal team will take down your wishes and expectations as your will

4. You will receive the will in 7-14 days with the instructions for proper witnessing and signing. Once the will is witnessed and signed, it becomes a legally binding document

5. You return your will to us for safekeeping while you retain a copy.


Will and Estate Lawyers Straightforward Process

Our will writing services are designed with simplicity in mind. We eliminate the legal jargon and do everything in a language that you and your beneficiaries will understand so that there will not be any misunderstanding of your wishes and expectations after you are gone.

Our other services that are related to your will include:

  • Estate planning – This is done to protect and preserve your estate for your intended beneficiaries.  We have tax experts to look into the estate and organize it for the minimum tax liabilities.
  • Lasting power of attorney – This is a service provided should you become incapacitated to the extent that you are not able to handle your affairs
  • A living will – This is also called an Advance Directive. You express your wishes and expectations regarding medical care and other concerns should you become incapacitated.

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