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Sidhu Law, based in Surrey, British Columbia, are engage in Family Law, Criminal Law, Real Estate Law, Immigration Law and Business Law. Our Surrey Law Firm team is completely committed to providing our valued clients with a respectful, knowledgeable and tireless approach to their case. We work to ensure that our clients receive fair legal counsel.

If you are experiencing legal issues or have questions about a potential claim, feel free to contact us via phone or email, or in-person at our office. We can provide free initial case evaluations and answer any questions you have. We can offer extensive insight into your claim and help you navigate through various legal processes.

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At Sidhu Law, we only require payment after your claim has been settled in your favour. We want to help our clients get the settlement they deserve and only expect compensation after we have successfully done our job. Our rates are also very competitive with industry standards.

Our team have compiled experiences, skills, connections and engagement in each area of the law that we service. Our Surrey Law firm provides a range of legal services that can assist in a variety of troubling times. Our diverse backgrounds and shared depth of legal knowledge ensure that our clients consistently receive the fair legal counsel available.

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Shawn Sidhu

Personal Injury & ICBC Claims

Shawn Sidhu has experience working with ICBC claims and other areas of personal injury law. Shawn takes pride in fighting for victims who otherwise may be taken advantage of, working with them in navigating their claim and reaching a settlement. Through Shawn’ s legal history, he has helped numerous clients navigate their dispute against the ICBC. The ICBC has developed a reputation of providing minimal settlement compensation for victims in need. Shawn works to directly combat this issue by obtaining personal injury settlements that truly reflect the severity of the issues at hand.

Shawn is a passionate attorney and has the drive to provide his clients with the fair care possible, this has lead Shawn to develop a positive reputation, as well as relationships with top medical and rehabilitation specialists within the Greater Surrey Region. Shawn can also provide every respective service in Punjabi, Hindi and English.

Shawn began his post-secondary education experience at the University of British Columbia, where he completed his bachelor’s degree. Shawn then chose to study abroad and received his honours law degree from the University of Birmingham, UK. Once Shawn completed his education, he returned to the Vancouver area, where much of his family and personal connections reside. In December 2013, Shawn was called to the bar, becoming a member of the Law Society of British Columbia.

Shawn has years of experience working with large law firms in the greater Vancouver area and makes every effort to maintain and strengthen his professional connections. Shawn thanks, all of those who have supported and motivated him to achieve his professional goals and to assist those in need.

“Shawn is currently non-practicing”

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Kirandeep K. Brar

Family Law, Real Estate Law, Estates & Corporate Law

Kiran’s practice focuses on family law, child protection matters, real estate law, estate planning and corporate law. Before commencing her practice in British Columbia, Kiran has practiced in India for many years.

Kiran is also an accredited Family Law Mediator. She highly advocates collaborative settlement approach for the resolution of family law cases, but also understands that some family law matters cannot be resolved without litigating in the court systems. Kiran has successfully represented her clients in the Provincial and the Supreme courts of British Columbia. She has successfully handled complex cases regarding property division, parenting issues and support issues.

Kiran also prepares Cohabitation Agreements, Pre-nuptial Agreements, Marriage Agreements, and Separation Agreements, according to the needs of her clients.

Apart from family law, Kiran practices residential real estate and corporate law as well. She also prepares Wills, Power of Attorneys and Representation Agreements.

Kiran is multilingual and is fluent in Punjabi, Hindi and English. When not in office, Kiran likes to spend most of her time with her husband and three children.

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