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Family Law

Family law is that branch of the law that concerns itself with relationships and rights within families. You will need a family lawyer when dealing with issues of divorce or separation, child custody, child and spousal support. A family lawyer is also equipped to handle mediation in family matters to have a smooth resolution to the disputed issues. Whether you require a family lawyer in Surrey for divorce, child support, spousal support or family law mediation & arbitration trust Sidhu Law.

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Family Law Services We Offer

Here at Sidhu Legal, we have a qualified legal team to offer the following services:

Divorce Proceedings

Our divorce lawyers have a duty to discuss the possibility of reconciliation as the first option. When this is not possible, they will handle the divorce proceedings for an amicable settlement, with all interests considered.

Division of Property

Each partner is entitled to a share of the family property when a divorce happens.  Family law guards the rights of each partner to a fair share of the property. This includes family home(s), money in cash and at the bank, RRSPs, pension funds, shares and other properties. However, family debts are also shared, if you require a lawyer for the division of property contact the Sidhu Law office.

Child Custody

The law requires that the rights of the child or children come first. Our family lawyer Surrey will help settle issues on guardianship, custody, and access to the children. This also includes parental responsibilities and parenting time. Alternative dispute resolution mechanisms like mediation and negotiation are preferred when dealing with children to lower the risk of traumatizing the children. If you require a child custody lawyer in Surrey or other lower mainland BC communities contact Sidhu Law.

Child Support & Spousal Support

When a divorce occurs the partner who gets custody of the children is entitled to continued support from the ex-partner including support for upkeep that maintains the standard of living for the custodian and the children. We are able to work out a comprehensive child and spousal support agreement.

Family Law Agreements

Family law agreements are encouraged instead of going to court. Our team are well trained in mediation, negotiation and parenting coordination. The good thing is that an agreement can be entered in any stage of a relationship. An agreement saves time, money and the emotional distress for the whole family. Some of the agreements we draft include marriage agreements, prenuptial agreements, cohabitation agreements and separation agreements.

Order Variation

If you feel that the current agreement is not favorable because of changed circumstances, we can help craft variation of these orders for a better arrangement.

Family Law Litigation

When all other mechanisms fail to enforce an agreement, we can help you seek redress in the courts using family law litigation. Our professional family lawyer Surrey will adequately represent you and defend your rights in a court of law.

Family Law Surrey Services

Our team can assist you with respect to a wide-range of matters, including divorce, child support, spousal support, financial disclosure, and property division in both Provincial and Supreme Court.

  • Divorce: Legal separation of a lawfully married couple.
  • Child Support: providing support to a child or children of the marriage
  • Spousal Support: Support to a spouse (including common-law partner and unmarried couples)

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