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Looking to start a business? Effective legal advice will secure your investment, minimize difficulties, save taxes and expense, and reduce your stress and uncertainty. There are many advantages to having your business incorporated and we will be happy to help you with your business legal needs and initial setup.

If you need any document “Notarized” or Certified, we will be happy to help. Our business lawyer Surrey offer cost-effective rates for all types of Notary Services including but not limited to; travel documents, name changes, passports, affidavits, statutory declarations and certified true copies.

Whether you are a small business owner or the CEO of a large corporation, your business needs legal services from time to time. Your business is a legal entity and as such will need to enter into contracts and other engagements that must be legally recognized. Legal services help a business avoid running into complications on tax matters, personnel hiring and firing, and delivery contracts and so on.

business lawyers in surrey and victoria

We have a team of professional business lawyer Surrey experienced in business and corporate law to help your business stay on the right side of the law. Some of the business and corporate law services we offer include:

Business Incorporation

Before commencing on any commercial activities, your business must be incorporated. Our lawyers will advise you on the most suitable legal formation depending on the personnel at hand, the area of coverage, control of ownership and so on. We will help you come up with partnership agreements that have a sound legal basis.

If you are incorporating a limited company, we shall process all the incorporation documents including the Articles of Association, Memorandum of Association, Shareholders’ agreement and other required documents. If you are looking to incorporate your business and require the services of a business incorporation lawyer, contact us.

Purchase & Sale Agreements

If the business is getting into purchase or sale transactions, it is important to have a good legal backing to avoid pitfalls that may expose the business to liability and loss. This could be on issues like the timing of delivery, amount of goods, costing, and warranties and so on. Legal counsel is especially required when huge amounts of money are involved, or the business is signing on to long-term commitments like land leases.

Franchising, Leasing & Trademarks

For a business that is looking to give away rights for the use of its brand, logos, and trademarks, legal services are needed to specify the terms and conditions under which these items can be used.  Corporate and business lawyer Surrey can specify issues on profit sharing, length of leases, and other issues that can extend or void the agreements.

Shareholder Disputes

Conflicts between shareholders will arise from time to time over issues like management tactics and strategy, and business vision among other issues. Legal representation can be provided if the rights and interests of some shareholders are threatened by other shareholders. Our business lawyer Surrey will offer representation in these disputes. We also do disputes resolutions where it is possible to keep away from the courts and help save the time and limit the expenses.

Intellectual Property Rights

A business needs to protect its innovations. Our lawyers near me are well versed in the processes of protecting intellectual property rights locally and internationally.

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