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Going through a divorce is one of the most difficult times for anyone regardless the nature of the union; opposite or same sex. The experience is more trying when there are children involved, which adds to the emotional current of the whole process. For families with substantial investments and other complex financial engagements, the divorce can get complex and drawn out as well as the partners negotiate. Here at Sidhu Law, we understand all this, and that is why we work for a fast settlement in the best interests of each partner, and the children if there are any. There are a number of advantages of hiring a divorce lawyer, the knowledge and experience can help reach a fair and speedy settlement.


Discrete Service

A divorce carries a lot of emotions as the family’s secrets and private information are laid bare for all and sundry. This is complicated further if the custodians of this relationship are not discrete enough on what to let out to the public and what to keep confidential.

At Sidhu Law, our divorce lawyers understand the need for discretion and confidentiality. All our divorce lawyers are professionals who understand the written and unwritten code of ethics that should apply when handling sensitive family matters.


Quick Settlement

There are two main ways of arriving to a divorce settlement:

Alternative dispute resolution – This is where the partners agree to handle matters outside a court of law, including the option of reconciliation.  This is the preferable option as it is less acrimonious, cost-effective and less time-consuming.

Here at Sidhu Law, you will get a divorce lawyer who can take you through the arbitration process including agreements on issues such as child custody and support, property division, and assigning of liabilities.

Any settlement reached through arbitration, mediation and negotiation is recognizable in a court of law and is binding.

Litigation – This option is exercised when one of the partners is unwilling to go through the alternative dispute resolution.  We have experienced divorce lawyers to represent you if you feel that your only option is to sue for divorce in a court of law.


Full Legal Advice

A divorce lawyer makes a lot of difference in what you get out of the divorce. Our divorce lawyers will ensure that you have explored all the pros and cons of each of the two approaches to a divorce settlement and that you understand what will be needed from you during the process.

At Sidhu Law, we understand we shall be more than just legal advisors as you go through this trying time. We shall be your supporting hand during this difficult journey and we will help you protect your best interests.

For more information on child custody, alimony, annulment of marriage or other divorce law services, contact Sidhu Lawyers to schedule your case evaluation.

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